Sarah Crane O'Neill, LiCSW


Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker. Relationship Specialist. Gottman Bringing Baby Home Educator.

I help couples find mutual understanding, acceptance, and that sometimes-missing spark between them when life is changing.


What Do I Specialize In?

I’m especially passionate about working with folks transitioning to marriage or parenthood. I’ve worked with a wide array of people and families, including LGBTQ individuals and couples, folks experiencing infertility, and foster and adoptive families.

Forming your partnership and your family can be both exciting and stressful. Maybe your hopes or expectations for yourself or your partner feel unfulfilled. Maybe you struggle to coordinate and communicate with one another. Your conflict might be heating up. As confusing, tense, and exhausting as these milestones can be, they are also amazing opportunities to build a strong foundation for your relationship into the future.

I help couples successfully manage the logistical and emotional puzzles of these times as a team. I also guide you to understanding your expectations, hopes, and visions for yourselves and each other around being a couple, or being a parent, or being a family. I coach you through the sticky stuff you might be experiencing, such as disappointment, loss, confusion, or conflict, so that you can understand yourself and your partner better, grow in your affection and admiration, ignite more passion together, and develop a shared vision for your path ahead.


Is my style right for you?

I use a Gottman-informed approach. Dr John Gottman’s research has followed thousands of newlyweds and new parents and uncovered what the longest-lasting and happiest partnerships seem to have in common.

I am also a trained facilitator for the Bringing Baby Home program, a Gottman couples workshop for expectant and new parents. If applicable to your situation, I weave this material into our sessions. I assign regular homework to be completed individually or as a couple between sessions, such as reading, quizzes, or conversation exercises.

To be in couples counseling is hard work, but I will be with both of you equally along the way, challenging you, cheering you on, and listening to your feedback about the process, making adaptations so it works for both of you. Your process as a couple will be unique to you -- it is my job to understand and respect what makes you YOU, individually and as a couple, and offer my training and experience to help guide your work, but you are the ones who can make beneficial, lasting change.

Contact me today so we can talk more about how I can be of assistance to you.


Who Am I Other than a Therapist?

I’m a daughter, sister, wife, and mother. My husband and I have been together for twelve years and married for nine. We have two children, ages two and four. Some of my favorite things are peanut butter, yoga, and living room dance parties.



Licensure, Education, & Certifications

  • Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (License # LW 60308380).

  • Master of Social Work from Smith College School for Social Work

  • Bachelor of Arts from Brandeis University

  • Nine years of combined experience as a counselor, case manager, and educator in community mental health, a child welfare agency, a school, and a residential treatment center for children.

  • Gottman Bringing Baby Home Educator